TRICK #7 Basic wristroll -
Just like the handroll the wristroll is an other foundation of the nunchaku technigues in freestyle. Its important to know that you need to get a good flow with the wristrolls. Without the flow the move looks awefull. Many thanks to:

TRICK #6 Downward figure 8 -

The downward figure 8 is a techniques which incoorperate two nunchakus. With one nunchaku it is a single-figure 8. There is also the upward figure 8, the lateral figure 8 and many other variation which will be in other tutorials. Many thanks to:

TRICK #5 - The blackstar
The blackstar is one of the basic moves that is very simple but looks great. It is cool to do tis move really fast. Aspecially when you have a long combination of moves which uses handrolls, wristrolls in combination. There are alot of variations to the blackstar. In this tutorial I show two basic blackstar moves. Many thanks to:

TRICK #4 - Basic handroll.

The handrolls are one of the foundatios of all nunchaku freestyle tricks. From the handrolls you can throw or transist to other techniques you like. This basic handroll is of the first I teach to the kids or beginner freestylers. From this handroll you can build up to allmost every handroll possible. Many thanks to:

TRICK #3 - Basic aerials.

The aerials are one of the hardest things to master. It is always a good idea to start slow and easy. For this there are three aerials to start training aerials. All these aerials are in the front circel so you know in which direction you must throw. The three variations on the basic aerial are:

#1 - Under the arm.
#2 - Under the leg.
#3 - Behind the back.

When you master these throws try to train them also with your other hand.
Many thanks to:

TRICK #2 - Basic circels.

There are 3 basic circels you can use for a good way to orientate around the body. Alot of nunchaku tricks can be used in different directions trough these circels. The basic circels are: the front circel, the rightside circel and the left circel. I use these circel all the time, especially when there is a new move to learn. Many thanks to:

TRICK #1 - Holding the nunchaku.

This is my first trick of my new trickblog TRICK TUESDAY! Today I will talk on how to hold the nunchaku. Lets start with the basics. Its very important to know how to hold the nunchaku. I use 6 different "grips" for all the moves. The first 3 are in a positive grip and the other 3 are in the negative grip.
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